Slaapliedjes #2

by wixel

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Due to a very busy month of July, I was still without a single song by the middle of the month. So, like in April, I decided to take it slow, and make another sleep-themed record. I made sure I had one free day in July with no obligations in order to spend a day recording the perfect sleepmusic. It turned out to be the 21st of July, our national holiday. I got up early in the morning and started recording with a contact microphone, kalimba, classic guitar, banjo, piano, melodica and my semi-broken delay pedal. From 8 am until 4:30 pm I did nothing else but record the notes c#, d#, e, f#, g#, a & b. I don’t know why, but there is something about those notes. I added some sliding & delay effects because it would make the recording a bit more playful. I sequenced my recordings over 8 tracks which resulted in this floating 30 minute piece. (It's split in 2 tracks due to bandcamps limitations.) It’s my favourite 'new' way of recording (see songs like “moon” or the whole previous “slaapliedjes” record.) It feels much more like setting music free, rather than creating music by fixing notes in grids & patterns. The only thing I did was colour the mood by choosing pace and density. I think I could record a thousand more pieces like this one - and probably will. Anyways, when I was done, I started listening to the piece and - I’m not kidding - I fell asleep. Probably around 5 pm only to wake up at 9 am in my bed by an alarm clock. Wow! I probably made it from the sofa to my bed during the night, and slept for about 16 hours straight. So, if you don’t like the music, at least it is effective...

ps: for optimal listening, put it on low volume and don't use headphones. since all sounds have been recorded with a contact mic, there's no room sound. you might want to add your own.


released July 31, 2009

All hum by Wim Maesschalck.



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wixel Belgium

Wixel is the musical outfit of Wim Maesschalck. Founder of the slaapwel records label, which only releases music dedicated to fall asleep to. The music of wixel has often been described as melancholic winter music - a warm and organic mix of acoustic instruments and gentle electronic treatments with a lot of care for detail. ... more

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