Sway With Me, Aimlessly

by wixel




The year is slowly finding its way to 2010. As it progresses and as I am pouring out ideas and songs to have enough material each month, I am really starting to feel empty. The neverending fun of making a record each month clearly has gone away. Since this month life even got a little more busier due to personal circumstances, so I nearly decided to quit the whole thing. However, I am pretty sure you always have to hold on a little longer, you never know what follows. That’s why this month is a sort of cheat-month again. Like in May I focussed on finishing old songs. Most of these were intended for a cd release as a wixel “pop” album. But it never got finished, so I decided to release them now as I still am proud of those 4 little soft sung songs. I wouldn’t want them ending as a faint memory (though everything eventually will). They were all inspired by the sweet soft side of love. You know, the innocent kind, when you were still young. When you were still making mixtapes for your lover(s), thinking your choice of songs and the order you put them in were of the highest importance - I remember my favorite one starting out with “Antlers” by the Microphones. Its “Sway With Me, Aimlessly” words/feeling becoming the chorus of a song as it seemed like the perfect way to invite someone into your life. (She accepted by the way, but it wasn’t meant to be.) Anyways, I don’t want to get too personal. I suppose there is nothing left to do besides enjoying the songs for what they are: simple sweet poppy lovesongs. If one ever finds its way to a mixtape somewhere, I’d be more than thrilled. It is the weirdest form of art.


released September 30, 2009

Songs by Wim / 2005-2009.
Violin by Sarah R., backing vox by Astrid Y.
Artwork by Jo & Wim.



all rights reserved


wixel Belgium

Wixel is the musical outfit of Wim Maesschalck. Founder of the slaapwel records label, which only releases music dedicated to fall asleep to. The music of wixel has often been described as melancholic winter music - a warm and organic mix of acoustic instruments and gentle electronic treatments with a lot of care for detail. ... more

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