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Autumn finally set in this month. The days are getting shorter and there’s more blackness. Work creeps up too. Lots of things to do, lots of papers to fill in, lots of tasks, lots of deadlines, lots of everything but free time... This month I felt particularly stressed out at times. The way I cope with stress mostly is by playing guitar. It unwinds me. Not composing nor playing old songs nor anything I need my brains for, none of that. Nah. I’m just caressing strings. Often I’m just laying on the sofa, my beat up spanish or electric on top of me, randomly feeling and stroking the guitar strings. You know how many musicians give their guitar a girl name... well, it’s like that. This month, I recorded some of these random playings. Sometimes they sound like melodies about to happen, but it’s just free floating nothing. I did multi-track everything though. Another thing I can enjoy in its particular own way: simple household chores. I don’t like ‘em.. but if it’s just me, warmth inside, cold rain outside, and silence – they can do their share of unwinding me. I recorded some of those too and used those sounds of home to wrap around the floating compositions. More than any other release I’ve made this past year, this music is more a part of who I am, rather than a record I want people to enjoy. There’s no thought, no goal, no emotion and no expression, it is just me unwinding. It’s like playing tennis or watching a movie.


released October 31, 2009



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wixel Belgium

Wixel is the musical outfit of Wim Maesschalck. Founder of the slaapwel records label, which only releases music dedicated to fall asleep to. The music of wixel has often been described as melancholic winter music - a warm and organic mix of acoustic instruments and gentle electronic treatments with a lot of care for detail. ... more

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